About Me

Hey. I’m Jacob.

I’m a worship pastor and small business owner by day and a singer/songwriter and creative designer by night.

I sing stories from the heart. About survival, about longing, heartache, pain, happiness, joy in simplicity, the love of Jesus, the need for honesty and frankness about those deep places in our hearts and the general idea of what it means to be grounded in peace and blessing.

That’s me. I’ve been playing and singing and writing songs since 9 years old. But I’ve never done anything with my songs and I aim to change that. I don’t desire riches or fame (well, some riches would be nice!) or any of the parties or notoriety. I do have a passion for seeing and hearing raw honesty in people. I hope my songs reach that place in the heart where emotions are accessed and simplicity is discovered.

Fun Facts:

  • I’m a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. (also root for the Texas Rangers, OKC Thunder, and Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • Even though I love to write, grammar was my worst subject in school. (I still struggle with it)
  • Someday I want to build a huge model railroad.
  • I started growing this beard in December 2015. I usually have facial hair but through a series of circumstances, I let it go until February 2017. Pretty much decided to keep it.
  • I have been to 46 states. (Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, and Rhode Island being the holdouts. I’ll get there someday)